Seismic Network on Drifted Ice Floes: a Case Study in North Barents Sea

A. V. Jakovlev, S. M. Kovalev, Eg V. Shimanchuk, Ev V. Shimanchuk, A. A. Nubom

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From March to May 2019, a seasonal multidisciplinary scientific expedition on the EV Akademik Tryoshnikov was conducted in the framework of the first stage of the “TransArctica 2019” program. Within the seismological part, six temporary seismic stations were installed at four different locations on a drifted ice floe in the North Barents Sea. The first aim of the experiment was to elaborate technology of installation of the seismic stations on drifting ice floes. The second aim was to check if obtained seismological records could be used for registration of the local and remote earthquakes and provide data to investigate the lithosphere structure in the Arctic regions, as well as processes within the ice floe. After analysis of the recoded data, different types of the seismic signal generated by processes in the ice were observed and several signals from remote and regional earthquakes were detected. Further analysis of the seismograms could be used for investigations of the processes within ice floes. The results of the experiment have shown that seismic sensors installed on the drifting ice could be used for recording of local and remote earthquakes.

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