Room-Temperature Photogeneration of Nitrosyl Linkage Isomers in Ruthenium Nitrosyl Complexes

Artem A. Mikhailov, Emmanuel Wenger, Gennadiy A. Kostin, Dominik Schaniel

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The conditions for the photogeneration of NO linkage isomers at room temperature are studied. By pulsed laser irradiation in the blue spectral range, the long-lived Ru−ON isomer can be generated at room temperature, which is crucial for potential applications, such as holography and data storage. By using static and time-resolved spectroscopy (UV/Vis and IR), we give evidence that the liftime of the Ru−(η 2 -(NO)) isomer is a decisive parameter for the formation of the Ru−ON isomer at high temperature owing to a two-step isomerization mechanism Ru−NO→Ru−(η 2 -(NO))→Ru−ON. Furthermore, we report the low-temperature structures for each isomer, which were revealed by photocrystallography.

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ЖурналChemistry - A European Journal
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