Role of the ATLAS Grid Information System (AGIS) in Distributed Data Analysis and Simulation

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In modern high-energy physics experiments, particular attention is paid to the global integration of information and computing resources into a unified system for efficient storage and processing of experimental data. Annually, the ATLAS experiment performed at the Large Hadron Collider at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) produces tens of petabytes raw data from the recording electronics and several petabytes of data from the simulation system. For processing and storage of such super-large volumes of data, the computing model of the ATLAS experiment is based on heterogeneous geographically distributed computing environment, which includes the worldwide LHC computing grid (WLCG) infrastructure and is able to meet the requirements of the experiment for processing huge data sets and provide a high degree of their accessibility (hundreds of petabytes). The paper considers the ATLAS grid information system (AGIS) used by the ATLAS collaboration to describe the topology and resources of the computing infrastructure, to configure and connect the high-level software systems of computer centers, to describe and store all possible parameters, control, configuration, and other auxiliary information required for the effective operation of the ATLAS distributed computing applications and services. The role of the AGIS system in the development of a unified description of the computing resources provided by grid sites, supercomputer centers, and cloud computing into a consistent information model for the ATLAS experiment is outlined. This approach has allowed the collaboration to extend the computing capabilities of the WLCG project and integrate the supercomputers and cloud computing platforms into the software components of the production and distributed analysis workload management system (PanDA, ATLAS).

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