Rock Reinforcement by Stepwise Injection of Two-Component Silicate Resin

Tatiana Shilova, Aleksander Serdyukov, Sergey Serdyukov, Oksana Ivanova

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Our research aims to improve the efficiency of the reinforcement of loose rocks with two-component polymer resins. The standard approach consists of the injection of two pre-mixed components into a rock massive. We propose a stepwise injection of individual components of a resin into the rock and deep extrusion of the solutions into the rock by gas between the injection stages. The experimental results indicate that the proposed method provides a reduction of polymer consumption per unit volume of the rock, and an increase in the impregnation depth, area of the resin impact, and the reinforced rock volume in comparison with the conventional method of prepared resin solution injection. The cured resin partially fills the sand rock pore space, binds the grains, and acts as a reinforcing frame. The highest reinforcement is achieved with the sequential stepwise injection of the resin by separate small portions of each component. We have shown the uniaxial compressive strength is on average more than twice as high that obtained with the conventional injection method. This can be explained by higher fracture toughness of the reinforced rock with a flexible hardened network of the cured resin in the structure.

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