Results of polymetalls search-exploration investigations using electrical surveying methods with controlled sources in gorny altai

Sergey M. Babushkin, Alexey N. Egorov, Nina N. Nevedrova, Ilya O. Shaparenko

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The relevance of the work is caused by the need to search for new industrial ore manifestations, due to the fact that most of the ex-plored deposits have already been worked out. The aim of the research is to identify ore promising objects in deep horizons and flanking parts of the Ubinsk ore field of the Rudny Al-tai using electromagnetic methods of direct and alternating current. Methods of research. Transient electromagnetic method with inductive installations and DC electrical resistivity tomography were used to obtain field data. Interpretation was carried out using interactive simulation and inversion software complexes ERA, EMS, ZondTEM1D. The results were justified based on the analysis and comparison of geological and geophysical data. Results. According to the transient electromagnetic method the authors have plotted the sections along the observation profiles, area distributions of the electrical resistivity at several depth intervals, as well as three-dimensional models of promising zones of ore. For the first time, three types of anomalous zones were identified, corresponding to ore objects, differing in size and depth of occurrence. Ac-cording to the results of electrical resistivity tomography, the manifestation of fault structures in the upper part of the section is traced. The subsequent detailed work is grounded by methods of electrical prospecting within the allocated perspective zones. Conclusions. The use of electroprospecting methods is effective for the search for polymetals in the area of Rudny Altai. According to the sounding, the authors confirmed the prospects for polymetallic rocks in the southeastern part of the Ubinsk area, where the grea-test depths of ore occurrence objects have been obtained. Geological and electro-prospecting data were recommended for electric sur-vey to of 700-1200 m depth.

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