Results of geophysical researches of the area of new geological formation "yamal crater

V. V. Olenchenko, A. I. Sinitsky, E. Y. Antonov, I. N. Eltsov, O. N. Kushnarenko, A. E. Plotnikov, V. V. Potapov, M. I. Epov

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Results of the field survey and geophysical observations on the area of the rare geological objects known as "Yamal crater" have been presented and discussed. The purpose of the research was to determine the origin of the crater. In 2014, permafrost and geomorphological observations, sampling of soil, water, geodetic and geophysical surveys were carried out. As a result, the absence of radiation anomalies has been revealed. It has been demonstrated that the crater is situated within the limits of the circular negative anomalies of the magnetic field, nearby the intersection of the linear negative anomalies of the magnetic field. It was found that the crater occurs at the junction of geoelectrical structures, and the geophysical showings of the horizon saturated with gas-hydrates have been detected at a depth of 60-80 m. It is suggested that both the abyssal migratory gas and the gas-hydrate decomposition could be the source of the gas. It was shown that the pingo existed on the place of the crater. The problem of identification of the hazardous pingo has been stated. This problem can be solved by complex investigations, including permafrost and geophysical surveys as well as drilling.

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ЖурналEarth's Cryosphere
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