Silicon nanopillar (Si NP) arrays with the axial p-n junction were formed and investigated. A method to fabricate Si NP ordered arrays by means of electron beam lithography using the negative electron resist and reactive ion etching is presented. The effect of strong resonance light scattering – change of the color of separate Si NPs - was demonstrated. One or several minima were registered in the measured reflection spectra. Thereat, the position of reflection minimum was changed with a change in Si NP diameter. A shift of the minimum position towards the longer wavelength spectral region with an increase in Si NP diameter was observed. A shift of the position of minima to the shorter wavelength spectral region with a decrease in Si NP pitch in microarrays with the same Si NP diameter was observed. The quantitative divergence in the position of reflection minima in Si NPs with calculated dependencies for Mie resonances was found. High photosensitivity of Si NP arrays with axial p-n junction to visible and near IR light was discovered. So, these structures may be used for selective photonic sensors.

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ЖурналThin Solid Films
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