Resistive switching effects in fluorinated graphene films with graphene quantum dots enhanced by polyvinyl alcohol

Artem I. Ivanov, Nadezhda A. Nebogatikova, Igor A. Kotin, Svetlana A. Smagulova, Irina V. Antonova

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Two-layer films of partially fluorinated graphene (PFG) with graphene quantum dots and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) were prepared by means of 2D printing technology. A stable resistive switching effect with the ON/OFF current ratio amounting from one to 4-5 orders of magnitude is found. The decrease in the PVA thickness leads to a change of the unipolar threshold switchings to the bipolar resistive switchings. The crossbar Ag/PFG/PVA/Ag structures retain their performance up to 6.5% deformation. The switching phenomenon is observed for a period about a year. The traps with characteristic activation energies ∼0.05 eV are suggested to be responsible for resistive switching. The time of charge-carrier emission from the localized states was found to be ∼5 μs. A quality model to describe the resistive switching effect in two-layer films implying the conduction over quantum dots proceeding with the participation of active traps at the PFG/PVA interface is proposed. The structures with the design demonstrated threshold resistive switching have their high potential for development of selector devices integrated to sensor or memristors circuits, for information storage and data processing, for flexible and wearable electronics. The structures with lower PVA thickness and the bipolar threshold switching are perspective for non-volatile memory cells for printed and flexible electronics.

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