Reaction of K2[Ru(NO)Cl5] with K8[γ-SiW10O36] Under Hydrothermal Conditions: Synthesis of [SiW11O39{Ru(NO)}]5–

A. A. Shmakova, V. V. Volchek, P. A. Abramov, M. N. Sokolov

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The thermostating of an aqueous solution of K2[Ru(NO)Cl5] and K8[γ-SiW10O36] at 160 °С for 16 h leads to a change in the color of the solution from pink to brown. According to the HPLC-ICP-AES data, the reaction products are Keggin anions: [SiW11O39{Ru(NO)}]5– (1) and [SiW12O40]4– (2). The formation of 1 and 2 is demonstrated by mass spectrometry for tetrabutylammonium salts in an acetonitrile solution. Red crystals of the composition ((CH3)2NH2)4H[α-SiW11O39{Ru(NO)}]·6H2O (1а) are obtained by fractional crystallization of dimethylammonium salts.

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ЖурналJournal of Structural Chemistry
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