Raman spectroscopy evidence of lipid separation in domestic cat oocytes during freezing

V. I. Mokrousova, K. A. Okotrub, S. Y. Amstislavsky, N. V. Surovtsev

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Although lipid droplets are believed to play an important role in cryopreservation of mammalian embryos and oocytes, the effect of low temperatures on lipid droplets and related mechanisms of cryodamage are still obscure. Here, we provide Raman spectroscopy evidence of lipid separation inside the lipid droplets in domestic cat oocytes during slow freezing. It was shown that at −25 °C lipids coexist in two separated phase states inside lipid droplets. The scale of detected domains was a few micrometers size. We also found that under certain conditions these areas have a specific spatial distribution. Lipids with high melting temperatures are distributed near the surface of lipid droplets while fusible lipids are located deep inside. Raman spectroscopy was found to be a prospective approach to study inhomogeneity of lipid phase transition in cells and to reveal effects of this inhomogeneity on cryopreservation of biological cells.

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