Raman-converted high-energy double-scale pulses at 1270 nm in P2O5-doped silica fiber

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This work presents implementation of a new approach to single-cascade Raman conversion of laser pulses from the spectral range around 1.1 µm into the 1.3-µm wavelength region. The proposed conversion technique relies on double-scale pico-femtosecond pulses for synchronous pumping of an external cavity made of phosphosilicate fiber with high-precision adjustment of pulse repetition rate to the inter-mode frequency of the external cavity. This enabled generation of double-scale pulses centered at 1270 nm featuring a record energy of 63 nJ and the pulse envelope duration of 88–180 ps with the sub-pulse duration of 200 fs. The fraction of the radiation that was converted into the 1270 nm range amounted to 47 percent of the total Raman-converted radiation power. The generated results offer promising possibilities for new spectral ranges to be developed in the field of high-energy pulsed sources with unique double-scale temporal structure.

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