Radiant Energy Extinction in the Radiative Transfer Equation for Crystal Clouds

O. V. Shefer, B. A. Kargin

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Systematic information on the application of the extinction formalization of different types for solving the equation of radiative transfer in a crystal cloud is presented. The basic laws of visible and infrared radiation extinction are illustrated that provide the basis for the assessment of the extent with which the special features of the energy and polarization extinction characteristics formed by crystals with different microphysical, optical, and orientational parameters must be taken into account. It is shown that large plates with preferred orientation stand out among crystals of all types in the degree and stability of manifestation of the polarization extinction characteristics and their spectral dependence. For such particles, the polarization extinction effect can be higher by several orders of magnitude and constitute more than 50% of the energy characteristic of the extinction.

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ЖурналRussian Physics Journal
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