Psychoneuroimmunology and immunopsychiatry of zebrafish

Murilo S. de Abreu, Ana C.V.V. Giacomini, Rodrigo Zanandrea, Bruna E. dos Santos, Rafael Genario, Gabriel G. de Oliveira, Ashton J. Friend, Tamara G. Amstislavskaya, Allan V. Kalueff

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    Despite the high prevalence of neural and immune disorders, their etiology and molecular mechanisms remain poorly understood. As the zebrafish (Danio rerio) is increasingly utilized as a powerful model organism in biomedical research, mounting evidence suggests these fish as a useful tool to study neural and immune mechanisms and their interplay. Here, we discuss zebrafish neuro-immune mechanisms and their pharmacological and genetic modulation, the effect of stress on cytokines, as well as relevant models of microbiota-brain interplay. As many human brain diseases are based on complex interplay between the neural and the immune system, here we discuss zebrafish models, as well as recent successes and challenges, in this rapidly expanding field. We particularly emphasize the growing utility of zebrafish models in translational immunopsychiatry research, as they improve our understanding of pathogenetic neuro-immune interactions, thereby fostering future discovery of potential therapeutic agents.

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    de Abreu, M. S., Giacomini, A. C. V. V., Zanandrea, R., dos Santos, B. E., Genario, R., de Oliveira, G. G., Friend, A. J., Amstislavskaya, T. G., & Kalueff, A. V. (2018). Psychoneuroimmunology and immunopsychiatry of zebrafish. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 92, 1-12.