Prospecting zones of high porosity and permeability in the carbonate cavernous-fractured reservoir by analyzing the seismic scattering energy

A. A. Kozyaev, A. S. Merzlikina, D. A. Petrov, V. V. Shilikov, A. A. Tuzovskiy, A. S. Sorokin, N. M. Kutukova, R. S. Melnikov, V. A. Cheverda

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Oil and gas consumption around the world is constantly increasing. As a result, traditional deposits are depleted and make oil and gas companies pay attention to more complicated facilities. Such objects will include 'shale oil', deposits of high-viscosity oil and deposits associated with fractured carbonate reservoirs, one of which is given in this paper. Today, fractured carbonate reservoirs are located on the territory of the Russian Federation in Eastern Siberia, the Caucasus, the Timan-Pechora oil and gas bearing basin, and so on. The object of study in this paper is the Yurubcheno-Tokhomskoye oil and gas condensate field (UTM) located in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The deposit is unique in its reserves and is characterized by a very complex geological structure. The main deposits of oil and gas fields are confined to the ancient Riphean, carbonate reservoir, which also complicates the study of the reservoir. In this paper the results of predicting zones with better reservoir properties is described for the Riphean carbonate vuggy-fractured reservoir using a special approach to seismic data processing to of computation scattered component of seismic waves. The paper presents the predicted fractured-vuggy reservoir characteristics (productivity and fracture trends) of a critically important impact on reservoir development. For their prediction, an integrated complex of different-scale geological and geophysical data was applied, including special well logging and testing methods and the results of special seismic data processing. The approach can be applied to will reduce the uncertainties associated with the geological structure of the deposits of oil and gas, which means that it is more effective to develop the oil and gas fields.

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