Project of Super Charm-Tau Factory

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The Super Charm-Tau Factory project proposed at Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, in Novosibirsk is discussed. An electron–positron collider with the luminosity of 1035 cm-2 S-1 and energies of 2 to 6 GeV in the beam center-of-mass frame and with a state-of-the-art particle detector arranged at the point of e+e- interaction will permit studying, at a new precision level, the physics of charmonium, exotic charmonium-like states, charmed mesons and baryons, and the tau lepton, as well as the production of light hadrons in e+e--annihilation processes and in two-photon processes. A longitudinal polarization of the electron beam at the interaction point will provide a number of competitive advantages to the Super Charm-Tau Factory in relation to Super B factories such as Belle II and LHCb.

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