Polynuclear Hydroxido-Bridged Complexes of Platinum(IV) with Terminal Nitrato Ligands

Danila Vasilchenko, Semen Berdugin, Sergey Tkachev, Iraida Baidina, Galina Romanenko, Olga Gerasko, Sergey Korenev

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For the first time the polynuclear hydroxido-bridged platinum(IV) nitrato complexes with nuclearity higher than two were isolated from nitric acid solutions of [Pt(H2O)2(OH)4] and crystallized as supramolecular compounds of macrocyclic cavitands cucurbit[n]uril (CB[n], n = 6,8) and 18-crown-6 ether: [Pt43-OH)22-OH)4(NO3)10]·CB[6]·25H2O (I), [Pt63-OH)42-OH)6(NO3)12](NO3)2·CB[8]·50H2O (II), and [H3O⊂18-crown-6]2[Pt22-OH)2(NO3)8][Pt43-OH)22-OH)4(NO3)10] (III). The isolation of the compounds in the single crystalline state allows the determination of the structure of the tetranuclear and hexanuclear complexes [Pt43-OH)22-OH)4(NO3)10] and [Pt63-OH)42-OH)6(NO3)12]2+, which have been previously unknown in the solid state. Stability of Ptx(OH)y cores of the polynuclear nitrato complexes toward alkaline hydrolysis was verified by 195Pt NMR spectroscopy. Analysis of 195Pt NMR spectra of the compound III reveals that addition of every Pt(μ-OH)2Pt ring results in ∼260 ppm downfield shift relative to the mononuclear form, which allows the prediction of signal positions for complexes of higher nuclearity. (Chemical Equation Presented).

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