Polymorphism of serotonin transporter gene in male subjects with antisocial behavior and MMA fighters

Elena V. Cherepkova, Vladimir V. Maksimov, Lyubomir I. Aftanas

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In our study, the frequencies of serotonin transporter gene (5-HTT) polymorphisms and their combinations are compared in the healthy male subjects with antisocial behavior, in general, and in those with its particular forms, as well as in the reference group of MMA fighters. Subjects convicted of unlawful actions were classified into those convicted of violent crimes or non-violent ones. The group of subjects convicted of violent crimes was further subdivided into those convicted of murder, or robbery, or of inflicting grave body injuries. The group of MMA fighters was selected from the subjects without a prior history of antisocial behavior or criminal record in the subjects or their relatives. The frequency of D allele in the groups of convicted subjects and MMA fighters was higher, than in the population sample. Furthermore, the frequencies of D/D and 12/12 genotype combinations were shown to be higher in the group of convicted subjects, especially, in habitual criminals and those convicted of grave crimes or murder. The predisposition of MMA fighters to violent behavior and physical aggressive suppression of an opponent is successfully implemented in their professional career; however, this behavioral pattern appears to represent the controlled aggression.

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