Plasmon polariton enhanced mid-infrared photodetectors based on Ge quantum dots in Si

A. I. Yakimov, V. V. Kirienko, A. A. Bloshkin, V. A. Armbrister, A. V. Dvurechenskii

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Quantum dot based infrared (IR) photodetectors (QDIPs) have the potential to provide meaningful advances to the next generation of imaging systems due to their sensitivity to normal incidence radiation, large optical gain, low dark currents, and high operating temperature. SiGe-based QDIPs are of particular interest as they are compatible with silicon integration technology but suffer from the low absorption coefficient and hence small photoresponse in the mid-wavelength IR region. Here, we report on the plasmonic enhanced Ge/Si QDIPs with tailorable wavelength optical response and polarization selectivity. Ge/Si heterostructures with self-assembled Ge quantum dots are monolithically integrated with periodic two-dimensional arrays of subwavelength holes (2DHAs) perforated in gold films to convert the incident electromagnetic IR radiation into the surface plasmon polariton (SPP) waves. The resonant responsivity of the plasmonic detector at a wavelength of 5.4 μm shows an enhancement of up to thirty times over a narrow spectral bandwidth (FWHM = 0.3 μm), demonstrating the potentiality of this approach for the realization of high-performance Ge/Si QDIPs that require high spectral resolution. The possibility of the polarization-sensitive detection in Ge/Si QDIPs enhanced with a stretched-lattice 2DHA is reported. The excitation of SPP modes and the near-field components are investigated with the three-dimensional finite-element frequency-domain method. The role that plasmonic electric field plays in QDIP enhancement is discussed.

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ЖурналJournal of Applied Physics
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