Phraseological units and their contextual usage in the formation of ray bradbury's individual style

Milkova Aleksandra Alekseevna, Erofeev Yuriy Victorovich, Yao Song

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The main goal of this article is to consider phraseological units and their contextual usage in the process of formation of Ray Bradbury's individual style. The topicality of the research question is determined by the necessity of the comprehensive study of phraseological units that are used in the English-language literature in the science fiction genre. Moreover, phraseology in the works of Ray Bradbury, one of the most prominent representatives of this genre, is studied fragmentarily, and there aren't any fundamental comparative works on this topic in the field of linguostylistics and translation studies. The translation of almost any work of Ray Bradbury is synonymous to overcoming some difficulties, because the prose of this writer is renowned for its vivid imagery. When creating it the writer resorted to various means of expression, including phraseological units. Ray Bradbury's literary language is undoubtedly unique. A number of literary critics are keen on exploring the ambiguity of the translation strategies used to render the imagery into Russian. All this proves the necessity of further investigation of Ray Bradbury's works in the light of translation theory and practice.

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ЖурналJournal of Critical Reviews
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