Phase Triangulation Method with Statistical Filtering for Measurements at Random Additive Interference with a Limited Dynamic Range of a Photodetector

S. V. Dvoynishnikov, V. G. Meledin, I. K. Kabardin, V. V. Rakhmanov, V. O. Zuev

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The article presents the application of optical methods for measuring the parameters of three-dimensional objects. It also discusses strategies for decoding phase images in the presence of additive interference and a limited dynamic range of a photodetector. The existing methods for decoding phase images introduce nonlinear distortions and systematic error into the measurement results under such conditions. A phase triangulation method with statistical data filtering is proposed for measuring the three-dimensional profile of an object under random additive interference with a limited dynamic range of a photodetector, which avoids systematic distortions of the measurement results. The method is based on adaptive filtering and statistical analysis of the intensity distribution in the recorded phase images. The error of the method of decoding phase images was analyzed analytically using statistical data filtering and threshold filtering. The proposed method can decode data in systems for measuring three-dimensional geometry that implements the phase triangulation method.

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ЖурналMeasurement Techniques
СостояниеПринято в печать - 2022

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