Personal ornamentation in the context of cultural phenomenons and technologies of the early upper paleolithic in Siberia

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The system of the joint meanings ensures the effectiveness and success of communication in human culture. The items of the personal ornamentation can be defined as the material form of symbolic communication. It endowed with qualitative characteristics of personal and cultural identity, and expressed through a system of signs. The items of personal ornamentation form a stable sign of Man's culture in the archaeological context of the Early Upper Paleolithic technologies of Southern Siberia. A series of objects identified as personal ornaments are associated with the blade industries of the initial stage of the Upper Paleolithic (about 40-50 - 30-25 thousand years ago), and there are represented in the stratified complexes of Southern Siberia. According to the technical and morphological characteristics, groups of objects personal ornamentation are distinguished, differing in form, material, manufacturing techniques, secondary decoration, which in combinations form stable types. Preliminary classification allows dividing the entire collection of products into personal decorations, prestige items, items of clothing and accessories and sculpture. On the basis of the analysis, a number of provisions on the features of the technologies for the manufacture processing of personal ornamentation items in South Siberia for the industries of the Early Upper Paleolithic (40-45 - 30-35 thousand years ago) and for the subsequent stage of the Upper Paleolithic (30-35 - 25-28 thousand years ago). It is established that in some complexes there is a combination of various techniques that can be considered as innovative, or as archaic. Characteristics of the complex of objects of personal ornamentation in the Early Upper Paleolithic in South Siberia convincingly demonstrate that the transition to a modern form of behavior is a much more complicated phenomenon than the scheme of P. Mellars. The transition to new behavioral strategies occurred in different territories and with different dynamics and regional peculiarities.

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