Permian - Triassic pluton - Volcanic magmatic associations in the song Hien structure, Northeast Vietnam

Trong Hoa Tran, Gleb V. Polyakov, Tuan Anh Tran, Alexander S. Borisenko, Andrey E. Izokh, Pavel A. Balykin, Thi Phuong Ngo, Thi Dung Pham

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The Song Hien Basin in northeast Vietnam is linear- shaped, running in the northwest - southeast direction from Vietnam-China border to the easternmost of Lang Son province; with a total length about 200 km the structure divides the Ha Lang belt to the northeast and Phu Ngu belt in the south and southwest. Permian - Triassic magmatism comprises pluton-volcanic felsic and mafic bimodal magmatic associations, including basalt, gabbrodolerite - dolerite (and lherzolite-gabbronorite); rhyodacite - rhyolite and granite. These magmatic associations are spatially, temporally and genetically related. Detailed mineralogical, geochemical and chemically mineralized studies have been conducted intensively on the Song Hien magmatism; among these, the mafic and ultramafic magmas have been described separately while gabbrodolerites were grouped to pluton-volcanic basaltoidic associations. Formation ages of lhrzolite and gabbro-dolerite are 260-262 Ma, while rhyolite – 246 Ma. Geochemical and isotopic data show genetic relationship between basalts and gabbro-dolerite and rhyolite and porphyric granite. Geochemical features of the Permian Song Hien magmas indicate a uniform evolutional trend for the Permian – Triassic magmas. The Nb, Ta, Sr and Ti depletion is a geochemically streamline character for ultramafic, mafic and felsic rock types, suggesting that their common mantle source may have been contaminated by subduction-derived materialsand are produced by mantle melting following continental collapse that occurred around craton marginal regions under the impact of super-mantle plumes developed under Asian continent.

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