Permian - Triassic metallogeny

Trong Hoa Tran, Gleb V. Polyakov, Tuan Anh Tran, Alexander S. Borisenko, Andrey E. Izokh, Pavel A. Balykin, Thi Phuong Ngo, Thi Dung Pham

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Three mineralization complexes were formed during the Permian - Triassic period in the following order: PGE-Cu-Ni and V-Ti - Fe of magmatic origin; Au - sulfide and Sn - sulfide. The first ore complex including magma-origin Cu-Ni- (Pt) mineralization is related to ultramafic - mafic magmatic differentiation in structures of Song Da, Song Hien rifts (such as Ban Phuc, Ban Khoa, Suoi Cun blocks, etc.) as well as being connected to layered gabbro - peridotite intrusions in folded structures surrounding the Song Chay anticlinoria (such as Nui Chua and Khao Que blocks). Cu-Ni-(PGE)-type mineralization is found in Ta Khoa - and Suoi Cun-type mafic - ultramafic, while Ti-Fe-(V) (mainly) ore type and Cu-Ni-(PGE) are characterized for Nui Chua-type ultramafic intrusion. Radiometric age determined for Ta Khoa ultramafic magmas is 257-270 Ma, for Suoi Cun is 260 Ma and for Nui Chua mafic magmas is 251 Ma; the ages are also applied for the related ore formation, implying that the mineralization of Cu-Ni-(PGE) and Ti-Fe-(V) in geological structures in northern Vietnam was associated with Permian - Triassic tectono-magmatic period. Besides, associated with Cu-Ni-(PGE) ore type is highly potential Ni-Co-As hydrothermal mineralization (discovered in inner contact zones in Ban Phuc block within the Song Da structure). Au-sulfur-type ore complex is widely developed in various structures in northern Vietnam; Representatives of Sn-sulfur-type ore complex are located to the southern margin of Song Hien rift and Lo Gam belt.

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