Peculiarities of Applying the Inclusive Development Concept for Resource Regions

A. Ye Sevastyanova, A. N. Tokarev, V. V. Shmat

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The article explores the possibilities of inclusive development of resource regions. The authors assessed the degree of inclusiveness of the socioeconomic development of Russian regions for the period of 2008–2014. The set of indicators reflecting the state of the considered system and its elements from the viewpoint of inclusive development is determined. The calculation algorithm and principles of the formation of the resulting index are validated. The results show a contradictory picture, analysis of which makes it possible to identify factors specific to resource regions that affect the degree of inclusiveness of economic development. The results of the research are aimed at improving the methodology of studies of regional socioeconomic problems, as well as obtaining a practical effect, providing a contribution to management practice.

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ЖурналRegional Research of Russia
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