Partnership Cooperation of Companies: Key Characteristics and Influence to Innovative Activities

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Partnership cooperation is an important element of relational resources of any company. The role of such resources is constantly increasing under contemporary economic situation. Effective system of partnership relations gives an opportunity to achieve competitive advantages even for small companies which could use the potential of large firms under cooperation. These relations are especially important for the companies which have high level of innovative activities. The research deals with the relationship between types of partnership cooperation used by innovative company from one side and its innovative activities and models of innovative behavior from the other. Research is focused on the small- and medium-size business, though several large corporations are also taken into account. Empirical part is based on survey data of Siberian innovative companies. It was discovered that in spite of the existence of many indirect confirmations of the importance of partnership relations for innovative companies in general, these relations in most cases are formed spontaneously without deep justification. It turned out that many innovative companies consider large domestic and foreign corporations as reliable main partners. Taking into account that an innovative system is very complex and includes different various elements, it is possible to note that these very actors could play an important role in the development of innovative entrepreneurship.

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