Particle Collisions and Negative Nonlocal Response of Ballistic Electrons

Andrey Shytov, Jian Feng Kong, Gregory Falkovich, Leonid Levitov

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An electric field that builds in the direction against current, known as negative nonlocal resistance, arises naturally in viscous flows and is thus often taken as a telltale of this regime. Here, we predict negative resistance for the ballistic regime, wherein the ee collision mean free path is greater than the length scale at which the system is being probed. Therefore, negative resistance alone does not provide strong evidence for the occurrence of the hydrodynamic regime; it must thus be demoted from the rank of irrefutable evidence to that of a mere forerunner. Furthermore, we find that negative response is log enhanced in the ballistic regime by the physics related to the seminal Dorfman-Cohen log divergence due to memory effects in the kinetics of dilute gases. The ballistic regime therefore offers a unique setting for exploring these interesting effects due to electron interactions.

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ЖурналPhysical Review Letters
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