Oxidation of Water to Molecular Oxygen by One-Electron Oxidants on Transition Metal Hydroxides

A. S. Chikunov, O. P. Taran, A. A. Shubin, I. L. Zilberberg, V. N. Parmon

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Surveyed in this review are the most important achievements in the research and development of catalysts based on Mn, Fe, Co, and Cu hydroxides for the oxidation of water to molecular oxygen by chemical oxidizing agents obtained, for the most part, at Boreskov Institute of Catalysis, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. An analysis of the results of kinetic studies on water oxidation in the presence of the above-menthioned catalysts together with data obtained by quantum chemistry methods allowed us to make a conclusion on the general nature and process mechanism both in the presence of artificial catalytic systems based on metal hydroxides and the natural enzyme photosystem II of green plants. The most important properties of hydroxo compounds responsible for catalytic activity in the oxidation of water by one-electron oxidants are discussed, and a possible reaction mechanism is considered.

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ЖурналKinetics and Catalysis
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