Optical Properties of Nonstoichiometric Silicon Oxide SiOx(x < 2)

V. N. Kruchinin, T. V. Perevalov, G. N. Kamaev, S. V. Rykhlitskii, V. A. Gritsenko

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The optical properties of amorphous nonstoichiometric silicon oxide (SiOx) films of variable composition (x = 0.62–1.92) formed by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition are studied in the spectral range of 1.12–4.96 eV. Spectral ellipsometry showed that the refractive index dispersion character allows one to assign the formed SiOx films to silicon-like films, dielectrics, or intermediate-conductivity-type films depending on the content of oxygen in the gas phase during synthesis. A model of the SiOx structure for ab initio calculations is proposed and describes well the experimental optical spectra. Ab initio calculations of the dependences of the SiOx refractive index and band gap on stoichiometry parameter x are performed.

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ЖурналOptics and Spectroscopy
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