On the streamline upwind scheme of solution to the filtration problem

Переведенное название: Об одной противопотоковой схеме решения задачи фильтрации

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The work is devoted to one of the approaches in the numerical simulation of filtration processes of a two-phase incompressible fluid. Bukley - Leverett problem is considered with solutions of a shock wave type. Within the mixed finite element method upwind algorithm for solution to equation for saturation is proposed, which gives solutions without numerical oscillations at the discontinuity. Special attention is paid to a new approach to solving the degenerate Neumann problem in a mixed formulation for the pressure and total flow velocity. The work is accompanied by an illustration of the results of numerical experiments for 3D problem.

Переведенное названиеОб одной противопотоковой схеме решения задачи фильтрации
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  • Filtration
  • Immiscible fluid flow
  • Injection well
  • Mixed finite element method
  • Production well
  • Two-phase fluid
  • Upwind scheme


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