On the Effect of Nanoparticles on Fluid Structure

V. Ya Rudyak, A. A. Belkin

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Molecular dynamics is employed to study the structure of a nanofluid prepared from liquid argon and aluminum nanoparticles with sizes below 4 nm. The parameters of the potential of interatomic interaction of a nanoparticle are varied to determine their influence on the structuring of the basic fluid not only in the vicinity of the aluminum particles. Particle volume concentration is varied from 0 to 5%. The radial distribution function of basic liquid molecules at nanoparticle surface is calculated. It is shown that the presence of the particles in the nanofluid causes additional ordering of basic fluid molecules. In particular, the first maximum in the radial distribution function increases by three to five times, while the characteristic size of the short-range order zone grows. The characteristics of the short-range order of the basic fluid in a nanofluid are governed by the parameters of the interaction potential of nanoparticle atoms. An increase in the effective diameter and the depth of the potential well for the interaction of the nanoparticle-composing atoms enhances the structuring of the nanofluid.

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ЖурналColloid Journal
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