On association of the lethal yellow (AY) mutation in the agouti gene with the alterations in mouse brain and behavior

Nikita V. Khotskin, Alexandra V. Plyusnina, Elizabeth A. Kulikova, Ekaterina Y. Bazhenova, Daryia V. Fursenko, Ivan E. Sorokin, Ilia Kolotygin, Pierre Mormede, Elena E. Terenina, Oleg B. Shevelev, Alexander V. Kulikov

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Lethal yellow (AY) mutation causes obesity and type-2 diabetes in mice. Here we studied the effect of the AY mutation on the brain and behavior. The experiments were carried out on adult (11–12 weeks old) males of AY/a mice and their wild-type littermates (a/a). Mice of AY/a and a/a genotypes did not differ in their home cage activity, sleep, food and water consumption, learning ability in the Morris water maze, anxiety in the open field and elevated plus-maze, as well as in the level of monoamines, metabolites and some genes expression in the brain. At the same time, the fat mass, depressive-like immobility in the forced swim and tail suspension tests were significantly increased in AY/a mice compared with a/a ones. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed a significant reduction of cortex volume in AY/a mice. The level of mRNA of Ptpn5 gene encoding striatal enriched tyrosine phosphatase in the frontal cortex of AY/a mice was significantly elevated compared with their wild-type littermates. This is the first report on the alterations in the brain and behavior in the AY/a mouse line. It is tempting to speculate that this mouse line can serve as a new and useful preclinical model to study neurobehavioral complications associated with obesity and type-2 diabetes.

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ЖурналBehavioural Brain Research
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