Observation of a structure in e+e-→φη′ at s from 2.05 to 3.08 GeV observation of a structure in e+e-→φη′

The BESIII Collaboration

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The process e+e-→φη′ has been studied for the first time in detail using data sample collected with the BESIII detector at the BEPCII collider at center of mass energies from 2.05 to 3.08 GeV. A resonance with quantum numbers JPC=1 - is observed with mass M=(2177.5±4.8(stat)±19.5(syst))MeV/c2 and width Γ=(149.0±15.6(stat)±8.9(syst)) MeV with a statistical significance larger than 10σ, including systematic uncertainties. If the observed structure is identified with the φ(2170), then the ratio of partial width between the φη′ by BESIII and φη by BABAR is (ℬφηRΓeeR)/(ℬφη′RΓeeR)=0.23±0.10(stat)±0.18(syst), which is smaller than the prediction of the ss¯g hybrid models by several orders of magnitude.

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