Novel materials for solid oxide fuel cells cathodes and oxygen separation membranes: Fundamentals of oxygen transport and performance

Vladislav A. Sadykov, Ekaterina M. Sadovskaya, Nikita F. Eremeev, Elena Yu. Pikalova, Nina M. Bogdanovich, Elena A. Filonova, Tamara A. Krieger, Yulia E. Fedorova, Alexey V. Krasnov, Pavel I. Skriabin, Anton I. Lukashevich, Robert Steinberger-Wilckens, Izaak C. Vinke

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In the field of modern hydrogen energy, obtaining pure hydrogen and syngas and then being able to use them for green energy production are significant problems. Developing solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) and catalytic membranes for oxygen separation as well as materials for these devices is one of the most likely ways to solve these problems. In this work, the authors’ recent studies in this field are reviewed; the fundamentals of developing materials for SOFC cathodes and oxygen separation membranes’ permselective layers based on research of their oxygen mobility and surface reactivity are presented. Ruddlesden – Popper phases Ln2–xCaxNiO4+δ (LnCNO) and perovskite-fluorite nanocomposites PrNi0.5Co0.5O3–δ–Ce0.9Y0.1O2–δ (PNC–YDC) were studied by isotope exchange of oxygen with C18O2 and 18O2 in flow and closed reactors. For LnCNO a high oxygen mobility was shown (D* ~ 10–7 cm2/s at 700 °C), being provided by the cooperative mechanism of oxygen migration involving both regular and highly-mobile interstitial oxygen. For PNC–YDC dominated a wide fast diffusion channel via fluorite phase and interphases due to features of the redistribution of cations resulting in superior oxygen mobility (D* ~ 10–8 cm2/s at 700 °C). After optimization of composition and nanodomain structure of these materials, as cathodes of SOFC they provided a high power density, while for asymmetric supported oxygen separation membranes – a high oxygen permeability.

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ЖурналCarbon Resources Conversion
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