Nitrogen adsorption at ca. 77.4 K on partially hydrated and anhydrous α-Al 2 O 3

Maxim S. Mel’gunov, Artem B. Ayupov, Elena A. Krapivina, Elena A. Mel’gunova

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N 2 adsorption isotherms at ca. 77 K on macroporous α-Al 2 O 3 have been measured and analyzed in the frameworks of the classic thermodynamic approach, with independent experimental data obtained by means of SEM-EDX, XRD, TGA, helium pycnometry, and mercury porosimetry taken into account. It is shown, that presence of adsorbed water considerably influences N 2 adsorption, which gradually increases with temperature of the degas treatment. Simultaneously, the shape of the isotherms has a trend to change from Type II to Type VI, that assumes changing of adsorption mechanism from progressive increasing of the adsorbed layer thickness towards layer-by-layer adsorption. Corrected and smoothed isotherms are presented in the tabular form as reference for subsequent more comprehensive analysis using molecular statistical approaches.

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