New type of composite proton electrolytes based on CsH2PO4 synthesized by mechanical activation

Valentina G. Ponomareva, Galina V. Lavrova

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Conductivity, structural and thermal properties of the (1–x)CsH2PO4-xSnP2O7 composite electrolytes (x = 0.01–0.8) were investigated. The addition of dispersed tin pyrophosphate to CsH2PO4 and their mechanical mixing results in an increase in low temperature conductivity by 1–3 orders of magnitude depending on the composition. According to X-ray diffraction data there is no chemical interaction between the components and no new compounds are formed. X-ray diffraction and differential scanning calorimetry data show a significant change in structural and thermodynamic properties of CsH2PO4 in composites due to salt amorphization. The increase in conductivity is caused by salt disordering due to the interface interaction.

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ЖурналMaterials Today: Proceedings
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Событие5th International Conference on Fundamental Bases of Mechanochemical Technologies (FBMT) - Novosibirsk
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