New genetic lineage within the Siberian subtype of tick-borne encephalitis virus found in Western Siberia, Russia

Sergey E. Tkachev, Galina S. Chicherina, Irina Golovljova, Polina S. Belokopytova, Artem Yu Tikunov, Oksana V. Zadora, Victor V. Glupov, Nina V. Tikunova

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Tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV), a member of the Flaviviridae family, is a causative agent of a severe neurological disease. There are three main TBEV subtypes: the European (TBEV-Eu), Far Eastern (TBEV-FE), and Siberian (TBEV-Sib). Currently, three lineages within TBEV-Sib have been recorded. In this study, the genetic and biological characteristics of a new original strain, TBEV-2871, isolated in the Novosibirsk province of Western Siberia, Russia were investigated. The strain has low neuroinvasiveness in mice. Phylogenetic analysis demonstrated that TBEV-2871 belongs to TBEV-Sib, but does not cluster with any of the TBEV-Sib lineages. The TBEV-2871 strain has 88–89% nucleotide sequence identity with the other TBEV-Sib strains, 84–86% nucleotide sequence identity with the TBEV-FE and TBEV-Eu subtypes and is genetically close to the subtype division border. The TBEV-2871 polyprotein sequence includes 43 unique amino acid substitutions, 30 of which are recorded at positions that are conserved among all TBEV subtypes. Strain TBEV-2871 and two similar but not identical isolates found in Kemerovo province, Western Siberia are separated into a new lineage tentatively named Obskaya after the name of Ob riber, in the vicinity of which the TBEV-2871 was first found. A molecular evolution investigation demonstrated that within TBEV-Sib, the Obskaya lineage likely separated 1535 years ago, which is even earlier than the Baltic lineage.

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ЖурналInfection, Genetics and Evolution
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