New gas-discharge pulse laser on electronic transitions of neutral neon atoms with a wavelength of 743.89 nm

A. M. Razhev, E. S. Kargapol'tsev, D. N. Kapusta

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For the first time, the new visible pulse gas-discharge laser was created on electronic transitions of neutral neon atoms with the radiation wavelength of 743.89 nm pumped by a self-sustained volume transverse electric discharge with UV preionization of a high-pressure active gas medium. Spectral, energy and temporal characteristics of the new laser source are investigated. The laser energy was 0.4 mJ with the pulse duration of about 12 ± 1 ns (FWHM). In this case, the peak laser power was more than 32 kW. The divergence of laser radiation was about 0.3 mrad.

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