New Data on the Age of Gold Mineralization in the Southeastern Part of Eastern Sayan

B. B. Damdinov, S. M. Zhmodik, A. V. Travin, D. S. Yudin, N. A. Goryachev

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This article presents new data on the age of the largest gold deposits in the southeastern part of Eastern Sayan. The dates have been obtained by Ar–Ar analysis of micas occurring in gold-bearing quartz veins and mineralized zones. The obtained Ar–Ar ages of fuchsite and sericite from the tectonized and mineralized zones of the Zun–Holba deposit (ore body Severnoye-3), range within 353.9–386.4 Ma; a similar result of 352.9 Ma was yielded by Ar–Ar dating of Cr–muscovite from mylonitized listvenite in the veins of the periphery of the Zun–Ospa gold deposit. However, muscovite from the ore-bearing quartz vein of the Pioneer gold–quartz deposit, located near Zun–Holba, has been dated to 421.9 Ma. The obtained new data on isotopic age of the gold–quartz ores and gold–sulphide–quartz deposits allow recognition of the Early Palaeozoic accretion–collision and the Late Palaeozoic shearing stages of formation of gold mineralization in the SE Eastern Sayan.

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