New approach towards the preservation of the Russian wooden architecture objects: The use of BIM technology

Anna Yu Mainicheva, Vladimir V. Talapov, Sofya O. Kulikova

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Currently adopted methods and techniques for fixing, documenting and designing the reconstruction of architectural monuments suffer from inaccuracy and do not correspond to the current level of development of technology. The article is devoted to the analysis of the basic principles of application of BIM information modeling technology when working with architectural monuments. It first summarizes the features of modeling, based on the principle of a two-stage approach: the initial creation of multiparameter libraries of the main structural elements of the objects of wooden architecture and the subsequent formation on their basis of geometric part of the information model of the architectural monument. The ideology and tools of BIM allow to work effectively with existing and completely or partially lost buildings, as the information model acts as the main storage, carrier and coordinator of information of geometric, technical and historical-cultural nature. The data set used is suitable for computer processing, analysis and use for research, museum using and popularization, as well as the operation of buildings and structures. Principles of modeling of wooden objects is that all elements of the building are independent, the resulting model is discrete. A new approach to the study of monuments of wooden architecture and their preservation is successfully implemented with the help of BIM information modeling technology, which allows to consider the structural features of structures and the associated historical and documentary information. The basis of BIM technology is the creation of universal libraries of elements, including the revolutionary idea of using multiparameter "intelligent logs".

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ЖурналUral'skij Istoriceskij Vestnik
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СостояниеОпубликовано - 1 янв 2018
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