New adsorption method for moisture and heat exchange in ventilation systems in cold countries: Concept and mathematical simulation

Ilya Girnik, Tianyu Yang, Larisa Gordeeva, Wenwen Wang, Tianshu Ge, Yuri Aristov

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Due to global climate change and fossil fuel depletion, the rational use of thermal energy has attracted great research interest. Large differences between indoor and outdoor temperatures in cold regions results in huge amounts of heat waste and drop in indoor humidity. Ventireg, an adsorption method, has been often recommended for heat and humidity regeneration in cold countries. In this research work, VentireC, an advanced method employing two thermally coupled adsorbent beds is discussed. It allows the heat released during adsorption of moisture in one adsorber to be transferred to another adsorber to facilitate water desorption. The VentireC approach is comprehensively analysed and described in this paper. A composite adsorbent based on LiCl in silica gel pores, which can exchange up to 0.5 g‐H2O/g‐sorbent, is selected for VentireC processes under cold Western Siberia conditions. Mathematical simulation of humidity recuperation, employing the selected sorbent with and without thermal coupling, demonstrates the advantages of the VentireC process.

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