Negative differential resistance in partially fluorinated graphene films

I. V. Antonova, S. Shojaei, S. M. Sattari-Esfahlan, Irina I. Kurkina

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Partially fluorinated graphene films were created by chemical functionalization of graphene layers in an aqueous solution of hydrofluoric acid. The formation of graphene islands or graphene quantum dots (GQDs) and a fluorinated graphene network is demonstrated in such films. Negative differential resistance (NDR) resulting from the formation of the potential barrier system in the films was observed for different fluorination degrees of suspension. The origin of the NDR varies with an increase in the fluorination degree of the suspension. Numerical calculations were performed to elucidate the tunneling between adjacent energy levels and creation of NDR. It was found that in the case of films with smaller flake and smaller GQD sizes, multi-peak NDR appears in the I-V curve. We predict that the NDR peak position shifts towards lower voltage with a decrease in the GQD size. Surprisingly, we observed a negative step-like valley for positive biases in the I-V curve of samples. Our findings with detailed analysis shed light on understanding the mechanisms of the NDR phenomenon in a partially fluorinated graphene system.

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ЖурналApplied Physics Letters
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