Native gold in the chudnoe au-pd-ree deposit (Subpolar urals, russia): Composition, minerals in intergrowth and genesis

Galina Palyanova, Valery Murzin, Andrey Borovikov, Nikolay Karmanov, Sergei Kuznetsov

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Composition of native gold and minerals in intergrowth with rhyolites of the Chudnoe Au-Pd-REE deposit (Subpolar Urals, Russia) was studied using optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and electron microprobe analysis. Five varieties of native gold have been identified, based on the set of impurity elements and their quantities, and on intergrown minerals. Native gold in rhyolites from the Ludnaya ore zone is homogeneous and contains only Ag (fineness 720‰, type I). It is in intergrowth with fuchsite or allanite and mertieite-II. In rhyolites from the Slavnaya ore zone, native gold is heterogeneous, has a higher fineness, different sets and contents of elements: Ag, Cu, 840–860‰ (type II); Ag, Cu, Pd, 830–890‰ (III); Ag, Pd, Cu, Hg, 840–870‰ (IV). It occurs in intergrowth with fuchsite, albite, and mertieite-II (type II), or albite, quartz, and atheneite (III), or quartz, albite, K-feldspar, and mertieite-II (IV). High fineness gold (930–1000‰, type V) with low contents of Ag, Cu, and Pd or their absence occurs in the form as microveins, fringes and microinclusions in native gold II–IV. Tetra-auricupride (AuCu) is presented as isometric inclusions in gold II and platelets in the decay structures in gold III and IV. The preliminary data of a fluid inclusions study showed that gold mineralization at the Chudnoe deposit could have been formed by chloride fluids of low and medium salinity at temperatures from 105 to 230 C and pressures from 5 to 115 MPa. The formation of native gold I is probably related to fuchsitization and allanitization of rhyolites. The formation of native gold II-V is also associated with the same processes, but it is more complicated and occurred later with a significant role of Na-, Si-, and K-metasomatism. The presence of Pd and Cu in the ores and Cr in fuchsite indicates the important role of mafic-ultramafic magmatism.

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