RF magnetron-deposited Si\In2O3:Er films have the structure of the single-crystalline bixbyite bcc In2O3 nanowires bunched into the columns extended across the films. The obtained films have a typical In2O3 optical band gap of 3.55 eV and demonstrate the 1.54 μm Er3+ room temperature photoluminescence. The current across the film flows inside the columns through the nanowires. The current through the MOS-structure with the intermediate low barrier In2O3:Er dielectric was investigated by the thermionic emission approach, with respect to the partial voltage drop in silicon. Schottky plots ln(I/T 2) versus 1/kT of forward currents at small biases and backward currents in saturation give the electron forward n-Si\In2O3:Er barrier equal to 0.14 eV and the backward In\In2O3:Er barrier equal to 0.21 eV.

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