MuMuPy: A dimuonium-matter interaction calculator

Artem Uskov, Abdaljalel Alizzi, Zurab Silagadze

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In this article, we present MuMuPy, a computational library and cloud-based tool for calculating cross sections for the interaction of dimuonium (true muonium) with matter. MuMuPy calculates corresponding form factors and allows one to find the probabilities of dimuonium transitions in the electric field of the nucleus. MuMuPy was developed in the context of the μμ-tron facility, the project of a low-energy electron-positron collider for production and experimental study of dimuonium, proposed in our home institute, Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics. The reliability of MuMuPy was verified by three independent methods, one of which was developed by the authors earlier. Program summary: Program title: MuMuPy CPC Library link to program files: Code Ocean capsule: Licensing provisions: GPLv3 Programming language: Python 3.X, Fortran Nature of problem: Planned experiments at the μμ-tron facility include investigating the interaction of dimuonium with ordinary atoms as it passes through the foil. This requires the creation of a computational infrastructure for a reliable calculation of the interaction of dimuonium with the electric field of the atomic nucleus. Solution method: Three independently developed computational strategies were used, including our own new method based on the identities of hypergeometric functions. A MuMuPy library and a cloud-based tool for calculating the cross sections for the interaction of dimuonium with matter have been developed, which we hope will be used in future studies of true muonium.

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Номер статьи108329
ЖурналComputer Physics Communications
СостояниеОпубликовано - июл 2022

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