Multiple pulse magnetized electron beam injection in deuterium gas

V. V. Postupaev, A. V. Burdakov, I. A. Ivanov, V. F. Sklyarov, A. V. Arzhannikov, V. S. Burmasov, D. Ye Gavrilenko, I. V. Kandaurov, V. V. Kurkuchekov, K. I. Mekler, S. V. Polosatkin, A. F. Rovenskikh, A. V. Sudnikov, Yu S. Sulyaev, Yu A. Trunev

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Results of experiments on injection of a sequence of several electron beam pulses (80-90 keV, 20-75 A, ∼30 μs) into 1019-1021 m-3 deuterium plasma are presented. The first beam pulse was injected into deuterium gas, the following pulses propagated through residual plasma that survived the inter-pulse periods. A typical pulse duration was of the order of 106 ω p - 1 that is much longer than most of the interaction-related processes. However, we noticed significant differences in plasma processes between the first pulse and the rest ones. A suggested physical factor behind those differences is longitudinal plasma current that develops during the first beam pulse.

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ЖурналPhysics of Plasmas
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СостояниеОпубликовано - 1 авг 2018


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