Monitoring of radionuclides in the natural waters of Novosibirsk, Russia

D. A. Novikov, F. F. Dultsev, A. F. Sukhorukova, A. A. Maksimova, A. V. Chernykh, A. S. Derkachyov

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Results of the investigation of 238U, 232Th, 226Ra and 222Rn content in the natural waters of Novosibirsk city and adjacent territories are presented for the first time. Hydraulic interrelations between the aquifer systems of Quaternary, Neogene and Paleogene sediments, Upper Devonian – Lower Carboniferous sediments and Upper Paleozoic granites predetermined the features of hydrogeological structure. Twenty-five chemical types of water were established, with the domination of HCO3 Mg–Ca, HCO3 Na–Mg–Ca and SO4–HCO3 Na–Mg–Ca. The amount of total dissolved solids varies from 127 to 1848 mg l−1, pH from neutral to alkaline (6.9–9.5). The values of Eh vary from reductive −157 mV (O2dissolved = 0.3 mg l−1) to oxidative +280 mV (O2dissolved = 19.4 mg l−1). Silicon content varies from 0,14 to 11,77 mg l−1. The ranges within which the concentrations of radioactive elements vary in natural waters are: radon (222Rn) 0–1216 Bq.l−1, uranium (238U) 9.75∙10−8 – 0.098 mg l−1, thorium (232Th) 2.2∙10−7 – 2.1∙10−3 and radium (226Ra) 1.6∙10−12 – 3,5∙10−7 mg l−1. The maximal content of these elements in the waters of boundary territories reach 222Rn – 43,764 Bq.l−1, 238U–6.5 mg l−1 and 226Ra – 3.7∙10−7 mg l−1. The 232Th/238U ratio is 4.20∙10−5 – 2.96. The concentrations of uranium and thorium in the geological objects of Novosibirsk vary within the ranges (−1): 238U = 1.6–3.6 and 232Th = 5.55–13.6 for sedimentary rocks, and 238U = 0.2–47.2 and 232Th = 0.8–44.1 in intrusive formations. It is established that waters with high radon content relate to the aquiferous zones of Upper Devonian - Lower Carboniferous shale rocks and hornfels, as well as Upper Paleozoic granites. The highest concentrations of radionuclides are characteristic of the aqueous scattering halos of the uranium ore deposit.

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Номер статьи100674
ЖурналGroundwater for Sustainable Development
СостояниеОпубликовано - нояб. 2021

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