Moissanites of the Popigai Astrobleme

S. A. Gromilov, V. P. Afanasiev, N. P. Pokhilenko

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Moissanites were found in tagamites of the Popigai meteorite crater along with impact diamonds. We have studied 55 samples including 49 individual polytypes and six intergrowths. The numbers of 6H, 15R, 4H, 6H/15R, and 6H/4H polytypes are 82, 7, 5, 4, and 2%, respectively. By the assemblage of polytypes, the moissanites of the Popigai astrobleme are distinct from kimberlite moissanites, as well as from synthetic SiC, which is characterized by the absence of the 4H polytype and the presence of more diverse inclusions (including Fe-bearing). The Popigai astrobleme is one of few objects with reliable natural moissanite. Technogenic contamination is excluded, since any researcher can find this mineral in tagamites.

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