Modeling of gas flows in radial micro-nozzles

S. P. Kiselev, V. P. Kiselev, V. Y. Liapidevskii, V. N. Zaikovskii

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In the present paper, results of an experimental and numerical study of gas flows in radial micro-nozzles are reported. The radial micro-nozzle consists of two disks spaced apart by a less than one millimeter distance. To the inlet of the radial nozzle, a gas under high pressure is supplied; through the nozzle, the pressurized gas is ejected into ambient space. In the present study, we analyzed the flows in which the gas at the inlet to the micro-nozzle had a supersonic velocity. It was shown that, on the condition that the micro-nozzle width was smaller than some critical value, then, due to the wall friction force, a pseudo-shock arose in the micro-nozzle. In the pseudo-shock, the gas underwent deceleration to a subsonic velocity. A satisfactory agreement between the calculated and experimental data was achieved.

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ЖурналJournal of Physics: Conference Series
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