Model of the behavior of aluminum and aluminum-based mixtures under shock-wave loading

S. A. Kinelovskii, K. K. Maevskii

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    A thermodynamically equilibrium model is applied to describe the behavior of solid and porous materials. This model ensures good compliance with the experiment in a wide range of pressures. The gas in pores, which is a component of the medium, is taken into account in this model. The equation of state of the Mie-Grüneisen type with allowance for the dependence of the Grüneisen coefficient on temperature is used for condensed phases. The applied model allows the behavior of the aluminum with a porosity from 1 to 8 to be calculated under shock-wave loading at pressures above 5 GPa in the one-velocity and one-temperature approximations, as well as on the assumption of equal pressures for all the phases. Computational results are compared with the well-known experimental results obtained by different authors (shock adiabats, double compression by shock waves, and temperature estimation). The model permits the shock-wave loading of solid and porous mixtures with aluminum in their composition to be described reliably solely by using species parameters.

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