Mobility of Aromatic Guests and Isobutane in ZIF-8 Metal-Organic Framework Studied by 2H Solid State NMR Spectroscopy

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Metal-organic framework ZIF-8 is renowned for its adsorption and separation properties influenced by the framework flexibility. Although much effort was put into understanding the molecular mechanism of such gate-opening (dynamical and static), the mobility of large guest themselves remained unclear. In this work, we present a detailed 2H solid-state NMR investigation of large guests (xylene isomers, benzene, toluene, and isobutane) confined inside the ZIF-8. Evolution of line shape and T1, T2 relaxation times with temperature were interpreted in terms of existence of three different motional states for diffusing guest molecules: (i) the highly mobile guest molecules located in the central part of the cage; (ii) the bound state for a guest located on the cage wall or near the window; and (iii) the guest squeezing through the window with a subsequent release to the next cage. We report detailed quantitative analysis of molecular dynamics in each of the states and the kinetics of exchange between the bound and mobile states.

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